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STAGE Snowboard Tuning Kit

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The STAGE Snowboard Tuning Kit has everything you need to tune and maintain the edges and bases of your snowboard. Fill and repair scratches and core shots in your bases with the P-Tex Candles and the Steel Scraper. Sharpen and bevel your edges with the variable angle edge tuner. Remove burrs from your edges and detune tips and tails with the Stone. The plastic scraper and the polishing pad help you remove excess wax and polish your board's base. Keep your bindings on tight with the full set of 8 screws and washers. Store everything in the handy pouch. Save money and enjoy snowboarding more by tuning your own board with the Stage Snowboard Tuning Kit.



(1) 7" Black & (1) 7" Clear P-Tex candle perfect for base repair on Skis or Boards. These candles will help you fill in gouges and scrapes, and save you money from a shop doing it. Requires a small torch to drip & apply.


(1) 130mm Plexi Wax Scraper, an essential tool for at home ski maintenance. This scraper can help you remove excess wax from skis and boards.

(1) 150mm Stainless Steel Scraper, for removing P-Tex after base repairs, as well as removing excess wax from your plastic scrapers. 

Edge Tuner

(1) Ergonomically designed Edge Tuner, with an emphasis on responsive edge maintenance and lightweight transportability. This edger can sharpen both skis and boards, as is easy to use.


(1) Coarse Pocket Stone for removing pesky burrs off your metal edges as well as de-tune tips/tails for easy turning. 

Polishing Pad

(1) Base Polishing pad for leaving a professional look and feel to the bases when you're done tuning.

Snowboard Screw Set

Replace those stripped screw in your snowboard bindings, or keep some spares around with the Stage snowboard screw set. Full set of 8 screws and 8 washers to replace stripped or rusted screws. M6 x 16 mm screw size is most common and fits majority of bindings. Don't miss any time on the mountain, stay prepared with the Stage snowboard screw set.

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